As a media production entity, we believe that good content embodies a compelling story, thematic visuals and captivating audio. We are not only technical experts in video production but we are also creative thinkers. Investigation and development of ideas is key to our unique visuals and narratives.

Flipside has diverse experience in hosting international productions that come to film TVCs and dramas in NZ. We offer genuine local knowledge, sourcing of gear, talent, staff and can support various departments of your production.

We are keen water people, sports enthusiasts and adrenaline addicts. Capturing exhilarating and challenging shots in the outdoors is our bread and butter. We have over a decade of experience being in hazardous environments for documenting video.

The highest value for us is having a positive social impact through our medium and thoughtful approach to each subject and issue. We can promise that we will learn the ins and outs of your story before we tell it ourselves.


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Flipside NZ supports services such as sports videos, sports promotional videos, surf videos, athlete promos, cinematic wedding videos, music videos, travel sketches, local production coordinating, behind the scenes, event videography. If you need a Korean production coordinator, event shooter, wedding videographer, music video producer, storyboard artist, 1st AC, focus puller, or any other video production in Auckland or New Zealand talk to us and get a quote. 뉴질랜드 현지 프로덕션 촬영 코디, 로케이션, 장비, 스탭, 소품, 통역 및 가이드, 서핑 비디오가 필요하신분은 오클랜드 뉴질랜드 플립사이드NZ 으로 문의 바랍니다 +642108218223  dwijip2@gmail.com